Chanda Halpin RYT 500 is a mother, grandmother, adventurer, traveller, and photography enthusiast who found yoga 15 years ago. After 3 years as a student, she travelled to India to learn more about the philosophies and background of yoga.  She has been teaching for 12 years.  She has been centered in Southern California for the last 8 years, but has been branching out to teach in places like Bali, Viet Nam, India, and Italy.  

Chanda teaches classes based on the students- pulling on various trainings which include vinyasa, Iyengar and yin as well as meditation and pranayama. 

The philosophies of yoga are woven into her classes in a way to make them accessible to the beginner and integrable for the more advanced student.  

Learning how to make space for the body to perform its own healing magic is first and foremost in her teaching style.  Poses are layered so the beginner doesn't feel pressured, and the more advanced students still get a challenge.  

Her concern for each individual student and their particular strengths and challenges is what her students love most about her classes.

She has taught yoga in schools for children, preventative yoga for the elderly through insurance companies, corporate yoga for Quicksilver, chair yoga for those with limited mobility, and started a popular donation based class on the beach in Huntington Beach that is running strong after 8 years!  

Her trainings include 200 hour Sun& Moon yoga 200 hour Shakti Yoga, 300 hour Vasishta yoga, 50 hour Leslie Kaminoff breath workshop, 50 hour Seane Korn workshop, 50 hour Saul David Raye workshop, along with mini certifications in Yin,  alignment, energy work, breathwork and more.  She is always learning and loves that the more she practices yoga-the more she realizes how little she knows about it.  It is a lifelong process and she hopes you will join her in a class, or a retreat or a workshop sometime soon!