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Emptiness Yoga is a well designed Yoga workshop for all Yoga aspirants and spiritual seekers who wish to improve their experiences and power of awareness  in order to be in the state of emptiness. It is not just a Yoga course but a light of wisdom which brings inner peace and energy to experience your true nature and ultimately brings the state of emptiness.

Emptiness Yoga Sadhana is also available for  those who are interested to learn the Yogic practices of Emptiness in more depth and are interested to help other people also. After successful completion of the course, certificate will be issued. 

Duration of the Emptiness Yoga Sadhana : 50 Hours


  • Subtle Energy

  • Three layers of body

  • Kosha (Layers of Ignorance)

  • What is Awareness?

  • Bliss

  • Mind Management

  • Harmony between body and Nature

  • Sadhana (Spiritual Practice)

  • Balance flow of energy in the body


  • Emptiness Yoga Flow

  • Pranayama and Banda

  • Dharana (Concentration)

  • Chakra Balancing

  • Karma (Actions) Purification