"Transform your mind, Free yourself" Psychological Yoga is breathing based Yoga Program which focus on transformation of mind through breathing. This program is very much beneficial for all those individuals who are suffering from a high level of stress, anxiety, depression or psychosomatic disease (Blood pressure, asthma, arthritis, heart disease, migraine, etc.). Techniques in this Yoga program are taken from Hatha and Swara yoga of classical Yoga system. Anyone can learn this Yoga regardless age or any physical or mental problems. Transformation of mind also enables to enter in deep meditation state. 

Duration : 50 Hours


  • What is the mind? 

  • How to get rid of thoughts?

  • What is the cause of physical and mental problems?

  • How to experience inner peace?

  • Techniques to remain awakened in each and every moment.

  • What is Meditation?

  • What are the practices which help in Meditation?

  • How to use intellect in a right way?   



  • Physical postures to balance the physical and mental energy.

  • Breathing techniques for prevention of dissipation of energy from body.

  • Practices for self-control on mental activities.

  • Awakening of dormant energies within.